Woodside Nippers

Want your child to be part of a fun and active community?
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Surf lifesaving is an amazing activity for growing a child’s confidence, as well as providing a strong foundation of knowledge and skills in the beach environment. Woodside Nippers, catering for children aged 5 – 12 years, is a great way to introduce your child to new friends, to be part of a community for life, and to just simply have fun! 

Children must have had their FIFTH birthday by the 30th of September each year to be able to participate.​

We are still working on our calendar for 22/23 Season, so call back soon. We will be kicking off late Oct / early Nov. 

For more info, check out the Club Handbook or Calendar below.

Compulsory Requirement of our Club

One Parent / Carer must become a member with each child/children and must be present at all Woodside Nipper activities. 

The aims of the Smiths Beach SLSC Junior Program are to: 

  • Develop surf awareness 
  • Increase confidence and skills in beach-related activities 
  • Offer training to those wanting to pursue competition or awards 
  • Instil and reinforce Sun Smart philosophies 
  • Encourage enjoyable and healthy participation 
  • Progress the members towards surf awards for relevant age groups 
  • Promote a positive non-threatening environment 

Age Groups

Age groups are set by SLSWA with all clubs sharing a common age group cut-off being 30th September, which determines the age group in which a child will participate throughout the season, regardless of having a birthday during the season.  Where a child wishes to remain with a group of friends of a similar age, they will be able to join that age group, but must compete in the age group of their birth year.

Coloured caps are used to identify the age groups and must be worn while involved in activities and training sessions. The caps are designed to: 

  • Help identify our nippers in the surf for their safety. 
  • Easy organisation and tracking of participants. 
  • Help familiarise members with wearing a cap, which they will when competing or patrolling.
  • Please remember, for safety reasons—NO CAP, NO NIPPERS. 


Minimum Levels

SLSWA requires nipper participates to demonstrate proficiency within 2 weeks of commencement with club activities.  This is intended to show a base level of competency before they are permitted to enter the ocean. Nippers from Under 8 and above, are required to meet a minimum level, as follows:

What to bring

  • Age group cap and high visibility lycra vest
    (these are issued on the first day – please bring them each time and remember – No cap or vest = No 
  • Sunscreen, applied at home, re-applied as necessary
  • Bathers
  • Hat
  • Rash vest
  • Towel
  • Water bottle
  • Sun safe warm clothing 

We do have club apparel available for purchase along with a limited range of merchandise.

Jewellery and Valuables

For safety and to avoid loss, rings, watches, necklaces, (except medic alert bracelet) are not encouraged.
Age Group Managers will not be liable for any lost items.

Parental Responsibilities

  • Please be punctual; but ensure your child has had breakfast.
  • Label your child’s clothing and belongings.
  • Encourage your child’s group throughout activities, assist the Age Group Manager, where you can.
  • Never leave the beach without your child. It is a club requirement that, a parent or guardian will always be on the beach, during club activities. 

We also ask you to volunteer over the course of the season.  There are a variety of ways to help such as: cooking the BBQ, serving food and drinks, set-up and pack-away.  Without your help our club cannot operate! 


Public toilets are available at the northern Smiths Beach access point.  Nippers wanting to use these toilets during club activities must be accompanied by a parent and must notify their Age Group Manager.

0491 136 957

PO Box 1255
Dunsborough WA 6281