Wednesday, 06 December 2017 10:30

The Week Ahead

Kids getting ready! Kids getting ready!

We have two more weeks of club activities before the break for Christmas.

This coming Sunday is business as usual. The final week - 17th December - is the first Competition Day of the season. More information below. 

This week we will have the BBQ back on the beach. 

Please remember, fees are now overdue - if you have not paid prior to today, this will prevent your child from participating in activities, as they are not covered for insurance purposes.

If you have a competition club cap at home, please bring it back this week! These are a finite resource and we need them when we go to carnivals.


Competition Day 17th December! 

Our first Competition Day for the season, where your child can earn points towards Champion Boy or Girl in each age group from Cadets to U9’s.

Minnows will run their own events, including a wading race.

Age groups will be following, in ascending age order, through each of the following surf sport disciplines:

  • Beach Sprints - 70m
  • Surf Race (Swimming) - Under 9's & 10's - 150m; Under 11's, 12's, 13's and 14's - 288m 
  • Board Race - Under 9's & 10's - 200m + apex; Under 11's, 12's, 13's - 340m + apex; and 14's - 440m + apex
  • Beach Flags - All Ages - 15m - to be set in a central arena to permit spectator encouragement for all our participants.
  • Wade - Under 8's – 36m

We will round off the morning with a BBQ on the beach. 

** Please remember **
Should you wish your child to receive a gift from Santa on the 17th December, please drop it off THIS WEEK, ensuring it is clearly labelled.