Thursday, 11 October 2018 13:42

Club News

It’s time to renew your membership (if you haven't already done so) in readiness for Sunday 28th October - our first day on the beach!

Just hop online at and follow the prompts!   

Our first day on the beach will be Sunday 28 October 2018.

Like last year, this will again be an OPEN DAY, meaning those who are not already members can come down and try a Nippers session to see what we are all about before they commit.
Please encourage anyone who is thinking about joining the Club to come along, the more the merrier!

And of course, hang around for a BBQ, the Club swim and general banter. 
All of our registrations are now made possible through the online portal, so it’s really easy to join. If you're having trouble, please email our fantastic admin extraordinaire all star Carrie and she will walk you through the steps.

See you on the 28th!