Member Screening Policy

SLSWA has a member information protection policy, which establishes how members should be safe from harm, harassment, bullying or sexual abuse.  SBSLSC, in the interest of the safety of all members, has adopted this policy in full and, as such, employs a ‘Zero Tolerance’ approach, whereby, any volunteer that can and may be in contact with a child, is required to undertake a Working with Children check (WWC).

To make understanding the policy as simple as possible, any member, over the age of 18, who is either an Active or Community member should complete a WWC check and provide proof of this to the registrar.  It is not a complex application to make and a club officer is authorised to sign the application, which needs to be lodged at the post office, along with a 100-point identity check.  In order to take any part in the clubs’ weekly activities, we will need either a WWC authority or proof that an application has been lodged.

We cannot stress how highly we value your adherence to this policy, it underpins our values and ensures we are creating a safe and nurturing environment for our young members.  The Club President acts as the Member Information Protection Officer and will seek to resolve any issue raised or relay it to the appropriate person or authority.  All information will be treated with confidentiality and will not be passed to a third party unless member consent is provided.