Board of Directors

SBSLSC is an entirely voluntary incorporated association and is given direction and stewardship by it's board of directors.  Directors chair the various committees which permit the club to operate to it's full potential and give it the depth of skills and expertise to deliver on the four pillars of Surf Lifesaving.

Further to the Annual General Meeting of 2018, the following directors make up the board and look forward to delivering the best possible outcomes for the club with your support.

Club President: Keith Warrick -

Club Vice President: Ray MacMillan -

Director of Finance: Fiona Duyvestien -

Director of Administration: Carrie Davis -

Director of Lifesaving: David Russell -

We encourage your feedback and have an 'open door' should you wish to provide commentary that is in the best interests of the club.  We'd also encourage your participation and hope to hear from you how you'd like to get involved.